Our farm is complemented with Organically grown mangoes in 16.19 Ha., accounting to 5600 Alphonso Mango trees. The Farm is managed by expertise, subject matters specialist with natural organic inputs.

As per India's NPOP standard, Commission regulation (EEC)   2092 / 91 and Regulation (EC) 1788 / 2001, the farm is certified by IMO Control Private Limited, Bangalore (Certification Agency of a leading Corporate at Switzerland) from 2005. More over the APEDA accreditation reference for ISCOP APEDA / org / 2003 - 04 dated 10-11-2003 has been obtained from Indian Society for Certification of Organic Products (ISCOP), Coimbatore. A leading research institute had certified the results & chemical ingredients in our farm's ripe mango at below detection limit of 0.005.

Our farms are provided with natural mineral water for irrigation & for plant protection predators, parasites, plant viruses, fungi, bacteria, etc., are used in addition to various herbal extracts. All of them are eco friendly, non extracts to humans with zero residual effects. We are conscious about quality & produce world class mangoes that have available only in farms like ours.

Our farms are owned & managed by innovate entrepreneur with unique experience in the field. Our farm is located at the foothills of the world famous western ghost (near siruvani) endowed with precious medical herbal plants. Our farm lands are irrigated with the mineral water that passes through and such herbal plants which enriches the grown water of the farm.
Local techniques were used land was not abused with tonic fertilizers & fungicide & naturally the mangoes are cultivated in a healthy natural soil. The soil in the farm is in red color fertile and most suitable for mango tree cultivation.

Our farm is integrated naturally & recycled with sheeps, goats, heifer calfs, dairy animals, vermicompost. These activities are complementary to each other.        

Our farm is technically supported by Dr. N. Ramalingam. Ph.D., from israel, specialist in horticulture with 40 years of rich experience.

We work relentlessly with the noble aim of providing toxins free highly nurtured mangoes with international standards to the world community for their health and service to society. A visit to our farm will enlighten the ground realities of our efforts on organic farming.