Certified by IMO - SWISS
Export Quality in India
We work relentlessly with the noble aim of providing toxins free highly nurtured mangoes with international standards to the world community for their health and service to society.
Our Farm is complemented with Organically grown Mangoes in 16.19 Ha, accounting to 5600 Alphonso Mango trees.

The Farm is managed by expertise, subject matters specialist with natural organic inputs.

A visit to our farm will enlighten the ground realities of our efforts on Organic Farming.
Flavour delightful, Fruit Quality excellent, Juice moderate to abundant.

The pulp contains Alphacarotene anti oxidants & easily digestible natural sugars and are crisp for making slices.

This is an export Quality cultivated in India. We are guided by APEDA in mango cultivation. For quality standards, we hold IMO for organic accredation from 2005.