• Flavour delightful, Excellent Fruit Quality, Juice moderate to abundant
  • The pulp contains Alpha - Carotene (Vitamin A), various Anti-Oxidants and Easily digestible Natural Sugars
  • Very less in fats, the fruits contain minerals like Calcium, Iron, Zinc etc.
  • Peal is acceptable
  • The Pulp is crisp & slices, cubes can be made
  • Pulp is Capuchin - Yellow in colour and Fibreless
  • Specialty - The Mango tastes sweeter with TSS (Total Soluble Solids) 17 %
  • Fruits are medium sized and golden yellows in colour
  • This is an Export Quality Mango cultivated in India as per APEDA guidelines
  • Self life is for 30 days under normal temperature and humidity
Certified by IMO - SWISS
Export Quality in India